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vader en zoon kleding

From addiction and my biggest dream a need arose, from this need a brand emerged. The Frenky S mini-me collection, named after our son. A brand for fathers who are proud of their son and want to show this to the world. A matching outfit is THE way to show your pride and commitment.



For years I have been addicted to collecting tracksuits. Always looking for a new model, brand or striking fabric. During my 9-5 job I wore smart casual clothes, but as soon as I got home this was immediately replaced by a tracksuit. Even during a fancy dinner, I regularly wore a full track suit, track pants or just the track jacket. I've always been looking for a job where I could wear a tracksuit, unfortunately I didn't find it. 



In 2019, I therefore started to think of the idea of designing a tracksuit clothing line. My favorite style was the 70s/80s, in that style I started saving examples and making designs. My goal was to set up something unique where wearing comfort, quality and convenience are the most important. Think of comfortable fabrics and zippers in pockets that are often lacking in other tracksuits. No screaming texts, but a classy tracksuit.



December 2020 my biggest dream came true, my girlfriend was pregnant! This meant that my tracksuit room had to make room for a nursery. Of course I did this with love! My girlfriend suggested getting rid of some suits, but I decided to turn the attic into a new tracksuit wardrobe.



One father is looking forward to playing football with his son, the other father to take his daughter to riding lessons. The image I had in mind was: Matching tracksuits! Ever since the happy pregnancy news, I've been scouring the internet for matching tracksuits for father and son. Much to my surprise, there wasn't much to find.



Of course it was possible to order an adult size and a baby size from well-known brands, but in general this was not possible on the same website. The jacket had to be ordered from webshop A, the trousers from webshop B and the baby size from another. Often the colors were not exactly the same or something was sold out.



From this need, the concept of my own tracksuit line came together with my biggest dream, namely my wish to become a father and to be able to wear matching outfits. After a market survey, I came to the conclusion that more fathers had this wish, but that it was just too much of a hassle to order a matching outfit for father and son from one website.



The Frenky S mini-me collection is named after our son Frenky. This was the answer to my personal need and that of many other fathers. The vision of our brand is to offer a platform where fathers can easily order a matching outfit for themselves and their son on one page.